Changing the value for balance due - VAT exempt


Is there are way to change the balance due. I am trying to add together the vat and the sub total to get the balance due.


Hi @sampzz

There are a few ways to change it, but it depends on the circumstances.

The invoice appears to be flagged as “EC VAT EXEMPTION”, so the VAT is reversed. What’s the situation here with this invoice?


we want to charge out client invoice however when we set the vat exemption to be true or false nothing happens.

if it is true invoice amount is 0 and when it is false it only specify it but doesn’t add it.

Just to confirm (to make sure I understand correctly) - even though you’ve unchecked the box to reverse the VAT, and the VAT is specified on the invoice, there’s still nothing being shown in the totals box?

i didn’t check any box, i am communicating with the api from one of our platform.

this is what the client info looks kine when a query your server


Apologies, I didn’t realise your query related to the API.

When you update the API, I’m assuming you set ecVatExempt to false?
And if so, does the VAT then appear when you log into QuickFile directly?


yes but still not adding it.

The values in your screenshot are correct as the sub total (before VAT) is £799.20.

Sorry i didnt notice that

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