Chart of Accounts Export to CSV not including all detailed lines (again)

There was a previous problem reported with this heading, but I now appear to be experiencing the same issue. When I look at my CHart of Accounts for 2016/17 (ending Aug 31st 2017), the Detailed and Summary exports do not tally. It looks to me that the transactions against nominal code 7001 on 31st Aug are not getting picked up on the detailed export.

Please could you look into this form me.


Hi @purplesalix

I’ve managed to replicate this and have asked a developer to take a look. I’ll come back to you as soon as I’ve heard back from them.

Thanks - any news on this. Am very keen to progress my year end accounts…

Apologies, a release was made earlier today that should address this issue.

Please would you kindly test and report back.

Many thanks - that appears to have resolved it