Chart on Nominal Accounts - no activity

When I look at the ‘Chart of Nominal Accounts’ how can I identify the accounts which have been booked on, although they are balanced?
It seems the option ‘Hide accounts with no activity’ is hiding all balanced accounts even the once with transactions on it as long as they are balanced.
Is there any other option to show all accounts booked on?

At the moment there’s no way to isolate ledgers which are balanced at zero in the Chart of Accounts. The system will only show those ledgers with either a debit or credit balance.

I’ve not come across this request before but I will update this to a “feature request”. It may be possible to add the functionality you’re looking for if it’s something other users would benefit from.

I just discovered the hard way that “Hide accounts with no activity” in the Chart of Accounts does not actually mean “accounts with no activity”. In fact it means accounts with zero balance.

This came to light when I created a journal to zero out the balance on a restricted fund, and hey presto the nominal account “disappeared” from the chart of accounts. I now realise that I have been misinterpreting this report all along - I had been relying on it to show all of the accounts that had transactions against them during the specified period, and this is false.

If I want to drill down to check transactions on an account, I can obviously uncheck the “hide” box and get the full listing of all nominal accounts - but so many of the accounts are genuinely unused that this is unwieldy and harder to cope with. I shall miss the nice facility (as I thought) to give me a useful display of just the accounts I have been using.

Having read this thread, I see that the facility doesn’t currently exist. I’d like to put in a plea for its consideration if feasible.

Meanwhile however, please could the screen display be changed so that instead of “Hide accounts with no activity” it reads something like “Hide accounts with zero balance”? That at least would be accurate and prevent other people misinterpreting it. Thanks!

Hi @mfmorris

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll take this into consideration if this is something that we look into further.

Perhaps this option may be of some help to you:

That way, you could at least remove nominal accounts that you never use.

I think it would make sense to rename this check box as per your suggestion, we’ll look into this!