Check 'all' not functioning after UPDATE AS PAID

Hi Glenn,
I paid some invoices to my suppliers today. I selected all the invoices I wanted to pay, then paid them. The screen then refreshed to show the invoices as paid.
I wanted to then select those invoice and export to CSV in order to send some kind of remittance advice to my supplier, but I found the Check All functionality fails to tick all boxes. Instead, the rows are highlighted, but the page doesn’t see any of them as ticked when I go to export.
Here’s a screenshot:

If I manually tick one of the boxes, it will show the total amount of ‘highlighted’ rows. I guess this is a JS issue.

Try this, go to that particular supplier screen, click on view and clcik on All Payments

Thanks, but I think you are missing the point of my posting. I believe I’ve found a small bug, in that I want to run another transaction on the rows that I have just updated as PAID. I simply want to either Archive those rows or export those rows whilst I’m on that screen.
Basically, once you click UPDATE AS PAID it seems to break CHECK ALL functionality. It doesn’t break though if one exports the rows first, and then Updates as Paid.

I see what you mean, there is some bug in showing the ticks, but once refreshed browser it works fine and after that it highlights all rows in pink but does not show ticks in rows

There does appear to be a small bug there. It can be fixed by unchecking and rechecking. I’ve logged it now so hopefully we can take a look shortly.

@gino this issue has now been fixed. Thank you for reporting.

its doing the same thing on all clients, all purchases and bank screen as well, good idea to check on all other listings as well

The one @gino specifically reported was addressed on the purchase management side and the sales management side (i.e. following the “update as paid” routine). I’m not aware of any other specific issues here but feel free to document any if you can.

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