Cheque clearing date

what would be nice is if you input a cheque and put it in it be great if you can set clearing date such it does not show up on quickfile bank account until that day, if it can be done i not sure how it is done

Most people prefer to pay down invoices on receipt of a cheque, rather than wait for it to clear. Also when you bank a cheque it normally goes on your statement instantly anyway. If it fails to clear it will post a counter entry on your statement later.

Must be RBS then last 4 cheques i have had dnt clear for about 3-5 days, i know about bounced cheques just be nice not to se the balance as something not available to me anyway

Even though it’s not available, technically it should still be recorded on your books.

One thing you can do is create another bank account and call it “cheque holding account”. Whenever you pay in a cheque log it on here first, when it clears to your current account tag the money in the bank side as a transfer from the cheque holding account. That way you’re always tracking pending cheques without affecting your bank.

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