Chrome Plug In - Package is Invalid

Hi All,

I’m trying to install the Chrome Plug In to link to a Natwest Account - but I can’t get the plugin to install.

I get a message saying the Package is Invalid due to having a _ as the 1st char as it’s reserved.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks in advance


Are you installing the extension from the following link?

It should all happen automatically.


I get the same error message from your link as well. Trying it from there, from one of the links in the software and even from searching the Chrome Store come to the same error message.

Thanks for the help.



That’s very odd… I’ll do some Googling and post a query on the Chrome forums to see what the solution is here.

Sorry I haven’t been able to deduce the problem. We installed the exension on some Windows machines here in the office and it worked fine. Are you using a Linux or Apple OS?

According to the StackOverflow post here it relates to an unrecognised or reserved character in the package zip or contents. In your cases it doesn’t appear to like the underscore.

Let me republish the package without the underscore and see if that works for you. I would retry in about 6 hours, give it enough time to get approved by Google.


OK we’ve uploaded a newer version, look out for version 1.25, hopefully that will work for you.