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I’ve added a Cis payment as per instruction in Knowledge base article, however once I get to the bit where it says this…

" On your main business account you will eventually see the NET payment received from your client, in this case that would be £400. Simply tag this payment as a “ Bank Transfer ” to the “ CIS Deductions ” account. "

What is the “Main business account” ? Is this the current account ? I’ve looked and the transaction doesn’t appear here, or is it the Cis deductions account I have just created as per the knowledge base article instructions ?

Yours confused.

Hi @DC123

Yes, this would be your current account.

The transaction for the net payment (the invoice minus CIS deductions) would be when the client pays. So in the example, the invoice is £500, but the client only pays £400 because of the CIS deductions.

The invoice would be marked as paid in full (£500) to the newly created CIS Deductions bank account. When your client pays the £400, you would create the bank transaction as normal in the current account (or whatever bank account the client paid to), and tag it as a transfer to the CIS Deductions bank account.

Hope that helps?


Thanks for the quick response.

The transaction is indded in the Cis account, but its marked as tagged ?

Created the bank transaction and transfered to the Cis deductions bank account but it looks like this ?

Where have I gone wrong please ?

Please accept my apologies - I got it the wrong way around above.

When the client pays, you would mark the invoice as paid in full from the CIS Deductions account (so the full £500 in the example). and then transfer what they actually paid from the CIS Deductions account to your actual bank account (£400 from the example), leaving you with £100 in the CIS account.

So in your example you have 2 “money in” transactions, whereas you should have 1 money in and 1 money out:

  • £500 money in (full payment against the invoice), tagged to invoice
  • £400 money out (actual funds received from client), tagged as a transfer to your bank account

Hi thanks again

This is what the Cis nominal code now looks like, is this correct ?

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