Claiming back expenses with receipts

My quickfile account is linked to my credit card and bank feeds. I tag the exenditure and having uploaded receipts link them to the spend. How can I create a report between specified dates which encompases all accounts and different catagories of spending which would list those expenses and print out the receipts attached to each purchase?

I would then want to submit the receipts to a client who will reimburse me for the outgoings.

Hello @v2xjNZlKpf

For this process you would use the rebill to client option.

Here is some more information

Thank you for this. It seems that when the invoice is created there is no option to hard copy or print to PDF the invoice with all the receipts attached. It looks like I would have to download all 50 reecipts individually. Is that correct?

Hello @v2xjNZlKpf

There’s no way to batch them together in one PDF.

However you could send the invoice to the client by email, which includes links to view the attachments

Is it possible to generally search for all receipts during a date range and batch download them?

Hello @v2xjNZlKpf

You can download an archive within a date range from the document manager

  • From main dashboard type document manager in the quick search


  • Click download archive and enter the required date range and click the green arrow


  • Click Order and it will be sent to your email

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