Click here to view all payments attributed to this invoice- no references or link to payment


I am using QF for scout group accounting and am now struggling to see payments against an invoice. I’ve created a client called “All-sections” as a bucket for income for all members payments on large events such as camps and subscriptions, I just allocate to the right nominal account to each invoice line x 30 cubs for example. We don’t really need to have a client setup for every cub/scout etc and that would make invoicing harder than it needs to be and the Leaders are responsible for ensuring everyone pays.

Now I have created a single invoice for a camp for 20 Scouts & 40 Cubs under that single “All sections” client and tagged BACs transfers to that invoice. When I do want to trace the payments back to people however I use the " Click here to view all payments attributed to this invoice" link, but it does not show the banking reference to see who paid it or allows me to link to the bank statement.

Is there a way to trace a payment back to the bank statement please?

Hi @ChrisE,

There should be a button at the top when you view the Payment that will take you to the Bank Statement image

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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