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Client £98 in credit but unsure why



Bit of an odd one. On billing a client, I’ve noticed that their account is showing £98 in credit but I’m really unsure why or how this has happened. I can only think that it was a problem with invoices that I tried to sort out at some point. Is there an easy way of identifying that?

Thanks in advance.


Look for Debtor / Creditor Report under Reports > All Reports > Other Reports then click on export data at far right, an excel file will be downloaded, look for prepayments entries. This should help in deleting over payments


Oops sorry, just realised it’s not a credit but account balance and it’s listed as a prepayment.


View all their payments, then advanced search for type “unallocated”. This will show which specific payments and/or credits make up the £98, and you can hopefully trace from there to see what has happened.


Thanks Ian, will give that a shot!


Okay I have found the reason, one is an unallocated payment but from 2017 and the other is overpayment from a cheque in 2016.

The unallocated payment seems to be linked to a bank transfer between accounts, and possibly something with a PayPal payment that went awry. Any idea how to fix that as it’s outside of the accounting period. I think it’s erroneous, so can it be archived/deleted?