Client account not balancing

Hi, I’ve returned to Quickfile after two years and this time determined to make it work for our “club”. I gave up last time. I have entered all transactions for this financial year, beginning 01/10/20. Everything was correct to the accounts package I’ve been using. However, I had to transfer some money from two client accounts to one other client account. I set up a bank account to receive the money, but then I realised that the money was being taken from that account as opposed to being deposited. I deleted the two transactions and now the two client accounts don’t seem to make any sense. i.e. totalling all transactions don’t equal the balance Quickfile is giving me.

Did you add opening balances for those client accounts? Also if you deleted an entry from the account receiving the transfer it may have deleted the transaction from the account that supplied the transfer so check that transaction is still there.

Hi Thanks for your response. Most clients have a credit balance, so when I opened each client account I made a prepayment to the value of their account balance.
I deleted the transaction from the bank account I’d created, but I cannot see any other transactions relating to this in the client accounts. I cannot fathom where else to look! I’m seriously think of deleting the two client accounts and starting them again. They only have about 10 transactions each. I want to be confident that this will solve all issues first though.

Something isn’t right with your set up. If you created bank accounts to act as client accounts then you should have added an opening balance for each that total the amount of credit. Then tag that opening balance as a prepayment.

If you only have a few transactions on those accounts it may be wise to delete them and start again.

Also look for any journals that may have been created for those accounts and delete them too.

Creating a prepayment will create a bank transaction, and deleting that transaction will delete the prepayment. You can’t have one without the other.

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