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Client Amendable Estimates?

Good morning,

I was wondering if there is a facility that allows clients to amend their estimates to choose upgrades etc?

To be more specific to our requirement…we are an underfloor heating installer and when we provide a estimate to our clients, we recommend a specific number of thermostats for their project. Would there be an option where the client can amend the number of thermostats themselves and their estimate is updated live?



Hi @NWScreeders,

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. Only you can alter the estimates, so you would have to get them to relay the amounts back to yourself to amend and then you can resend the estimate for them to accept.

You could turn this into a feature request as I can see this being a popular one. I send a lot of quotes out with options and extras on them but I have to send them outside of Quickfile as Quickfile doesn’t lend itself to this form of quoting jobs.

Thats how we do it now, would have been handy if the client could choose what they wanted to though. There are a number of things on our estimates that would benefit from this, as any upgrades are put in a comment box stating the additional cost of upgrades, then we just update it manually if they choose it.

Thanks for the update.