Client area customisations don’t save (Edge)


New user getting things set up / finding my way around before getting serious for the new FY. Great product. Read lots of reviews / lists of functionality and here I am.

Using the MS Edge browser I am trying to choose a different colour theme for the client area. I:

  • Pick a colour theme one off the list
  • Press “Save Banners”
  • Press “OK” to “Are you sure you want to save your changes?”

On the “Your Client Area has been updated!” screen I choose “Click here to see a preview of your client area”.

I can see the logo I changed earlier is there but the colours have not changed. I do the CTRL browser refresh and still no joy.

A see you had a bug around this with Firefox back in January.

Any thoughts please? (Change my browser??)



It could be a caching issue?

When you preview the client area, try pressing CTRL + F5, this will force a hard refresh. Does that work?

Hi Glenn,

Had tried that. Have just tried again, still default colours sadly.


Hi @EnglishTruffles

Just to confirm, is it this section you are updating?

And are you seeing this page?

Correct x 2 - updating that section and seeing that page. It is from the “Click here to see a preview of your client area” that I am seeing he colours have not changed.

I’ve escalated this to an engineer so we can see what’s going on. I should have a response for you in the next hour or so.

Great - thanks Glenn.

@EnglishTruffles would you kindly retry now?

We identified a specific issue that would have caused a problem. It should however work as intended now.

All working as expected now. Thanks for the quick response / fix.