Client Area Information - date stamped payments made against numbered invoices

When reconciling customer payments with invoices particularly part payments and payments with no remittance advice we enter a scenario where the customer has no visability of what payments have gone against issued invoices.

This makes it difficult for me to advise them why and how their statment shows outstanding amounts.

As a result the customers tend to ignore outstanding amounts because they simply cant make sense of the client area information relating to their payments.

I have had numerous clients expressing the same view.

I would like to suggest that some development is done to improve the client area information particularly a log of their date stamped payments made against numbered invoices

Maybe this is already available but I have not enabled it for them ?

Many thanks for your wonderful system

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Hi @Howard

Thank you for your comments.

I’m not sure if I 100% follow you, but if I’m on the right lines, your clients are having difficulty seeing what invoices have been paid and when?

In their account section that they log into, they can view a statement which shows all the invoices issued, payments received and what they’ve been allocated against.

You can also produce these through the client management and even set them up to be emailed on a regular basis.

I hope that helps!

The problem is that its supplier focused and not client focused. When a client wants to see what has happened to their recent payment of say £100 they cant find it without producing a reverse listing. The £100 may have been assigned to pay part of an old invoice for £10, then £60 to an invoice for a previous month and then £30 for one of last months invoices. When they get a statement for £10 outstanding for this month they cannot work out what where the £100 has gone to and there is no mention of £100 in the up front lists from their client menu.

What they need is a listing like this

Payments received Date Assigned to Invoices

£100 1/1/16 IV200 (£30), IV220 (£10), IV250 (£30)

Now the can understand this and can tally it with their accounting system

It happens all the time with my customers and they just don’t bother with the client portal

please could something be done to improve it - seems to have been left off the development projects list compared with other projects - all of which are hugely useful!

kind regards

A better layout:

Payments received
Assigned to Invoices
£100 1/1/2016 IV200 (£30), IV220 (£10), IV250 (£30)
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Hi @Howard

Thank you for the suggestion. This is the first time it’s come up, so I’ll leave this thread open. I’m not sure of the technicalities behind it, but should the demand be there from the community, we’ll have a look into it