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The search box in the client area doesn’t appear to be working? example, within the invoices section or estimates section, when searching the description (which is shown as the purchase reference) no results are shown, clients need to be able to search a particular purchase reference instead of searching manually through hundreds of entries?




Hi @Rob

Can I just clarify this point please? Do you mean that the invoice description itself is saved as the purchase reference in your case?


See attached image relating to my query

Image Removed

When entering the description in the search field, it brings up no results


Thanks @Rob - that’s a great help! I’ve logged this with our team to investigate, and will come back to you shortly.

In the meantime, I’ve removed the image as it had a name of a client showing.


@Rob - We’ve released an update which should resolve this. Would you mind checking and letting me know if this is now working as expected please?


This appears to have sorted it, many thanks



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