Client area translations

I am testing my client area links for an estimate and it appears on English.
I have selected Spanish for that client language.

How can I customise that?


Hi @expertoswp

There’s no built in way of doing this unfortunately. The client area is only available in English at present.

We can certainly consider this as part of future development though.

No problem. It is just defeat the whole “language” selection for clients system if the platform is not ready.

I would love to have that.


Hi @expertoswp

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. However, you can send a PDF of the invoice to the client directly as this would be in your chosen language.

You’re welcome to start a feature request for this though, and we can certainly monitor the interest in this going forward.

That is true and I have been using it too, but I never realised that I was sending my clients to a “partial English partial Spanish” experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not think I need to start such feature, if you aim to offer multilanguage, this is part of that development. If not, it is ok. I won´t expect people to vote for that.


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