Client control panel demo

This may be a very simple question but I’d like to be clear before I dive in to QF.

Once I create a customer, raise and send the invoice (by email in this instance) the customer receives a link which will take them to a client portal (I think). They click that link and then what?
I’d just like to know the steps the customer will go through so if they have questions I can answer them.

Also, does the money go straight to my company bank account or does it have to go to something like paypal? If it does go straight to the bank account, do I have to run an import or will QF see the details automatically?

Yes that is correct, the customer will click on a link that will take them directly to a preview of the invoice. They will then have options to download, print or pay the invoice.

Click here to see a demo

How the client pays is up to you. You can include standard payment terms on your invoice or you can link your account to PayPal, Worldpay, SagePay or GoCardless.

Thanks Glen, much clearer now aside from one bit - the payments will go straight to the bank account, assuming I have set an option somewhere to do this?

No problem. If you want users to make direct payments to your bank account you’d need to use a service like GoCardless. We fully link into GoCardless, you can see the guide below:

One off bills with GoCardless

Of course you don’t need to use GoCardless, you could rely on your user referencing the sort-code and account number from your invoice and paying you manually through their bank.

Understood, thanks Glenn, you’ve helped a lot!

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