Client Currency Issue

Is it possible to change currency from GBP to Euro as just got a Irish client

Yes, make sure your multi currency option is ticked in your settings

ive done that but when i try and do invoice it appears a £ balance GBP?

Click on GBP currency icon, it should show you a popup with drop down menu to pick other currencies

Im confused…there is no GBP icon on dropdown…ive ticked the euro icon!

@McCabe - Once you’ve enabled it from the multi-currency screen, go back to your invoice.

In your invoice, you’ll see a little green button like so:

Click ‘GBP’ and you’ll see this:

Select Euro to change the currency of the invoice, and away you go! :smile:

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Here’s the general guide on multi-currency:

It first needs to be switched on in the account settings area before the green button will appear. You can then raise invoices in EUR.

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