Client left

What do I do when a customer leaves to stop them from being on reports

I am not 100% sure what you mean. But my suggestion would be to keep the client where it is because this client paid for something you provided. So, that client has to be in your records and reports. For example this client paid for something the last time 6 month ago and you look for a report from the last 12 month then that client would be included. If you look for a report from the last 3 month or last 4 weeks then that client would not be included. Hope that makes sense.
Much more important is that you have to keep all your records just in case HMRC want to have a look on it.

What I have done in the past is typed "gone"before the name, that way all clients left are under Gone

Hi @DinahJones

If you wish, you could “Delete” a client. It doesn’t remove them completely, more of hides them, and they can be restored at any point.

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