Client list- subcategories

Is there a way to organise the client list into few categories?
For example list A with theses customers , list B with others etc
Or make it possible to add extra Customised link on Clint List that could include similar approach- client A, Client B etc
can see an active and deleted lists on bottom of Client Lists so looking for more similar approach to organise the list.

Currently we have no system for creating client sub-categories. I’m not sure if this has come up before but we’ll certainly monitor any ongoing interest.

In the mean time you could possibly use the account reference box for grouping.

In this example the group name would be “LONDON” and you could assign any clients in that group with the prefix. Then on the client list screen you could key this tag into the advanced search to bring up all members of the group.

You could also potentially add a custom side link to easily isolate that group with one click.

How could you add a custom side link exactly? As the list is loaded via ajax there’s no custom url generated for my search results.

Hi @sbrown

Please accept our apologies, but unfortunately this isn’t possible. At present, there is no way to save a link to the search results.

However, your interest in this feature has been noted.