Client online payments via GoCardless

Would it be possible to have a link on the invoices which takes the user to a GoCardless page where they can pay for the balance without having to log in to QuickFile?

Hi @ryansb

It’s not possible at the moment, however I can certainly leave this thread open and we’ll keep an eye on it for interest.

It’s worth noting however that clients only have to log in if you enforce it. By default, I believe, this is disabled.

Hi @QFMathew

I dont have the enforce log in option ticked but they are still required to log in?

Hi @ryansb

If they use the link sent to them in their email (when a new invoice is generated), they are automatically logged in, unless the enforce login option is checked.

They should only be required to log in if they visit your QuickFile dashboard directly.

Is this not the case? If so, are you able to provide me with an account number and a client reference please, and I’ll take a look for you?

Hi @QFMathew

Just realised they are just being sent to our homepage i.e.

There doesn’t seem to be anything on the end of the URL?

Also. does there have to be a client email on the account to show the payment link on the invoice?


If there’s an email address on their account, you can send the invoice by email which would contain a link with a token that automatically logs them in. Without an email address on record, they can’t log in

When someone clicks that link, we tend to tie the event to a user, so it shows in the logs as “Bob logged into to view invoice #00001” for example. If it was a generic link in the invoice, we can’t specifically tie that to a user.

Thanks. Just realised the only invoice I was testing this with has already been paid which is probably why nothing was on the end of the URL. Would this be correct?

So if this invoice wasn’t marked as paid, it would contain the actual URL rather than the generic one?

That’s correct. Your user will see a ‘Please click here’ link, but it would link through to a URL similar to this:


That would log them in straight through, where they can view their invoices, estimates, statements etc., and pay them if they wish too through PayPal, GoCardless, Stripe - depending on what you have set up on your account.

If you view a client’s page, you can impersonate them to see what they would see:

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Great, thanks @QFMathew

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