Client Password Issues

One of our clients has reported that they have difficulty in logging in using credentials we set them up. I too have tried this & it will not recognise the login credentials that have been emailed to me as a test end user.
Similarly, when the client requested a new password it wouldn’t allow him to do so & when I tried I got the same result.
It’s also worth mentioning that whenever I have hit email client with password, the one generated automatically, that password has never worked hence why we manually set one up.

Anyone else having these issues? As it’s security I guess most folks won’t complain until they have a security issue, c’est la vie

Hi @Fotofabric, I sent you private message on this forum asking for details of the Client you’re experiencing this issue with.

I tested the process of changing the password for a client contact on our test account and it worked fine. I know there can be issues when copying and pasting the password from the email, as occassionally you can end up including extra spaces at the beginning or end.

If you pass the specific details on a private message to @PeterK we can have a closer look.


I can see a new issue updating passwords from the client end. In my case I changed it from the admin side. I’ve escalated this for now and we’ll report back.


The password update page within the client control panel should now work correctly. If you encounter any further issues, please let us know.