Client Portal - Allow clients to make generic deposit payments

We have some customers who we don’t give credit to who pay us deposits, and we provide services against those deposits. Quickfile could be a nice way for them to do this - but there needs to be a way for the customer to log in to their portal and pay the deposit as a prepayment (we have Stripe set up), not against an invoice (especially as we don’t know in advance whether some services will be non-VATable). There doesn’t seem to be any way to do that - or am I missing something?

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I’m afraid there is no facility on the client portal to allow clients to make ad hoc deposit payments. Any payments here need to be initiated from an invoice. Technically you could still issue a deposit type invoice for a set amount, say £500. Then later credit note the invoice back to the client account for allocation against other future invoices.

The above would require a few more steps, however I would be more than happy to convert this to a feature request and monitor interesting going forward?

Thanks, I feared that was the answer. Please convert to a feature request then.

Since the elements of pre-payments and taking money are there and it really just needs a customer-facing button that links them, in theory it shouldn’t be much work… (famous last words…)

I think in theory it would not require too much work. It would probably need to be an optional component, as not all businesses would likely want their clients to be able to make generic payments. It really depends on the industry.

It’s on our feature request list now so we will certainly consider this going forward.

This would certainly be a very useful addition from our perspective as well.

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