Client Prepayments

We receive a lot of payments from clients up front over the course of a year, e.g. some clients want to send a standing order for 1/12 of the annual bill each month to avoid a large one-off invoice. Therefore there is no sales invoice raised to credit the payments against. It’s not really practical for us to raise an invoice for each monthly instalment received.

I understand how to apply a prepayment to a client but I cannot easily see who has credits sitting on their accounts.

When I go to the client management section, the ACCOUNT BALANCE column only takes into account outstanding invoice and not any prepayments or overpayments.

I also cannot see a way to easily view the current credit balances without having to go into each individual client area and view the prepayment section, which with so many clients in the same situation is very time consuming.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

You may want to take a look here:

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