Client prompted for password when viewing invoice just reset my account but now clients cant access their emailed invoices. How do I reset them so they can access their invoices?

If you’ve reset your account, every thing would have been deleted so the invoices will no longer exist.

If they’re trying to log in through an email you sent for an invoice, the link would take them directly to the invoice which no longer exists. That’s probably where the issue is.

Have you deleted all the clients and suppliers too?

no I didn’t delete suppliers and clients. I sent the invoice out after I had reset the account but it wouldn’t let them open it, it asked them for their password which they didn’t know

Happy to help you on this but will need to get some more details so I will send you a separate private message.


Looks like you may have had two screens open as I see an invoice linked to a deleted client record. That is what’s stopping your client from getting in and viewing the invoice. If it’s invoice 00002 you’re referring to, that will be the case.

I see you have a LIVE client with the exact name and a few other invoices linked to them, so I would delete invoice 00002 and recreate it under the live client… resend and they will be able to get access.

Let me know if you get stuck.

The only other thing I can think of would be to have a look at this option (below). This would be under the client details (Sales > View Clients > Select Client > Modify Client Details).

If you want them to log in without the password, make sure the box is unticked.

If you want them to have a password, it can be specified on the client contacts screen:

Edit: Or rather, just follow @Glenn 's advice above!!

Thanks @Parker1090, that’s what I originally thought but it’s a slightly different problem. Worth leaving up as a reference for other users though!

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I deleted the original client details and re-entered them and resent invoice, this seems to have worked, it will just be a pain if all the other clients need to be deleted and re-entered.

They won’t as there’s only one deleted client on your account, so it looks like a one-off.