Client reconcilliation across multiple outlets

I’ve seen similar questions to mine asked on the forum and wondered if anyone had a solution? Here’s my problem:

I sell to a company who has several different outlets. Currently I have each outlet setup as a separate client in Quickfile. The client usually pays several invoices by BACS with one combined payment. I have no trouble assigning the payment to separate clients, it’s reconciling it that is troublesome.

What is the best way to set up this client bearing in mind they like each invoice addressed to the specific outlet and I find it useful to be able keep track of their individual outlets? Or is there a way to do a combined statement for several clients?


Hello @Steve_P

You could set up a holding account in your Bank Accounts screen

Pay the invoices using this account then transfer the balance you your current account

Here is an example
3 customer invoices for £1000 pound each paid off using the holding account
then record “Money out” for £3000, Tagged as transfer to bank

Your bank will just show 1 payment of £3000 and the breakdown is shown in the holding account

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it doesn’t really help. The problem is that there is no way to view a combined statement for the group. It’s reconciling the BACS payment that is tricky. Once it’s reconciled I’m fine splitting the payment to different invoices.

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