Client seeing invoice

When I send invoice to client via e mail there is NO ATTACHMENT at all on the e mail… Clients can not see any details even a link to click on just says “please find attached invoice showing payments made to date”.
I’m just sending a straight forwards invoice - There are no Payments to date - ! Nor do i want to state this…!!!
I have sent myself test e mails to demonstrate this and see that clients are telling me is correct - Is this something we are doing? or is the problem lie with Quickfile

I need to get this sorted out asap…

Please help me…


Hi @becketthanlon

By default, we don’t attach anything to the emails, we include a link which will then allow your client to view the invoice in their account. This also allows you to see when they’ve opened it and viewed it (can help with chasing payments).

You can attach a PDF if you wish, but this needs to be enabled firstly on a client-by-client basis, and then needs to be enabled when sending the invoice.

You can enable it for a client by going into their record (Sales >> All Clients), and modifying them. You will then see this option:

With that enabled, you will then be presented with this option when sending the invoice by email (the pink arrow below). This will always load the template that you have set up on your account so you can see what’s being sent to your client. You can customise it as a one-off in this box, or you can edit the template itself by clicking the link (orange arrow):

All your email templates can also be found under Account Settings >> Routine emails

I hope that helps!

It sounds to me as if you have customised the email text and deleted the token for the link to the invoice in the process. If you go to email customisation under account settings and look at the default text there should be a value somewhere in the message of:


This tells Quickfile where the link should appear in your email. If you have deleted it then there will be no link.

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