Client statements

I’m seeing what to me looks like an error on client statements that are available in the Client portal - luckily I spotted it before getting my clients using them.

The summary section appears to show them having a positive balance with the amount invoiced being less than the amount paid in when in fact it is the other way round which is reflected in the main part of the statement and elsewhere in the client portal.

I really need to get this right or be able to clearly explain to clients this area particularly as 1 client is beginning to say they have paid for a months extra service whereas they haven’t but the summary backs them up even though the rest of the statement etc doesn’t.


The amounts in the row invoiced and payments within the summary only reflect the last 30 days of activity. This is clear when viewing the statement on the admin side but obviously not clear to the end user client. If a greater number of payments were received in the last 30 days (i.e. for prior invoices) than new invoices created there would be a difference here, even though this may not reflect the amount owed which should always be referenced from the account balance field.

We will look at amending the labels to clearly show to the clients that the amounts here are for the last 30 days only.

Thanks that will help. The other thing I’ve noticed is that when looking at thestatement in the client account the balance is in green when it is owed by the client when surely it should be red as it is when looking at the balance on the admin pages.

Double checking it is when just in the client portal that the balance shows in green, in the actual statement it is black like everything else with no indication whether it is owed by the client or to the client.

I agree with the points you have made, I have asked for the label Account balance to be replaced with Outstanding balance within the statement view. I have also asked for the outstanding balance figure on the dashboard to be highlighted in red to clearly show that the amount is owed.

All these changes should be visible by Wednesday afternoon.

Brilliant thanks for the speedy response.

I have just logged in to a client area and found that:

  1. the outstanding balance figure on the dashboard is still in green
    despite it being a balance owed.
  2. On the client view of the statement nothing has changed so despite the detail showing the client owes money, it actually looks by the balances as summary as if we owe them the amount.

I need to get clients using this feature urgently to try and reduce bad debt but I can’t do so until it is obvious as to who owes who.

Can you give me an ETA for when these points will be addressed?


They have been addressed on our development system but we were unable to go live with these changes yesterday as we have not completed all test scenarios. Should be live close of business today, or Friday latest.

Just to let you know, these changes are now live.

Thanks for getting that done quickly. I think it all looks good just waiting to hear back from the client on the statement to make sure it made sense to them.

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