Client stopped receiving invoices

A client received my April invoice no problem but since then they say they haven’t been receiving them. Invoices to all other clients have been received.

I was at this client’s office today and they did a full search on their e mails while I was there so I could see they weren’t in saved folders or deleted items.

Are there any other suggestions on how to resolve this?

Are you using your own mail servers, or QuickFiles?

Whenever QuickFile sends mail on behalf of a user it can cause issues getting through with certain receiving mail clients. It’s quite likely that this clients provider changed their policy at some point to block this type of mail.

The surest way to make sure your mail gets through is to implement one of the follows:

  • Simplest: Change the sender address to "" in Account Settings >> Routine Emails.
  • Send mail through your own SMTP: QuickFile then sends all mail through your own server.
  • Setup an SPF record: A record at the domain level to say “* is OK to send mail from this domain”.

The last two options are explained in the guide here:

Improving Email Reliability

Its worth eyeballing the outstanding invoice list from time to time and checking for any that haven’t been viewed within a reasonable timescale. There is a filter option to see only unread invoices.

As Glenn says it is likely that your client have changed their email blocking criteria or are using new filtering software. While sending through the Quickfile server is the most common cause of blocking there are other posibilities.

Thanks all.

I think I will try Glenn’s “simplest” solution first and see if that works. As regards looking at ones that haven’t been read, I found that feature only the other day when I found out about this problem. It’s something I’ll check in future but I will also ensure that I send them an e mail asking for direct confirmation of receipt alongside the Quickfile invoice so that I can test the solutions above.

I’m fairly sure it’s something at their end so I might also see if I can follow up with their IT team but just wanted to ask the community in case there was an obvious error that I might have made first.

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