Client/supplier notes on create invoice page

I have been using Quickfile for a couple of years and find it great to use, but one thing I would find helpful is a space to write a note about a client or supplier that is visible when producing an invoice/purchase. For example some clients have a special price on certain items and if this was visible when that client was being invoiced it would remind me or my staff to allow that variation. Or with a purchase, have an area where I can put the rep’s name phone No. or email as that would be my point of contact, not the company.
It’s only a small point but I would find it helpful but I am not sure if its possible

Hi @baldrick

We already have an area for client and supplier notes, but these aren’t visible when creating an invoice.

We can certainly consider extending this. We’ll leave your that open, and if there’s enough interest from the community, we’ll take a closer look at this.

That sounds like a really useful feature.

This would be of value to us too.

This would definitely be useful

I now have a client where I wanted this today.