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Client VAT Number label

Is it possible to customise the wording of “ Client VAT Number ”? I don’t see a CSS tag for this field.

Hi @benjamingoodson

Unfortunately this isn’t customisable at the moment, only your own VAT number field is customisable.

Do you have a specific use case here? Perhaps there’s something else we can suggest?

Hi @QFMathew

It just looks a bit odd in that it’s not a number. The VAT ID starts with an alphabetical country code, after which several EU countries (where I reverse charge) use both letters and numbers in their IDs.

On invoices it is displayed alongside ‘Invoice No.’, so there’s also the inconsistency of how ‘number’ is expressed. I can change that tag, of course, but given the ‘number’ vs ‘ID’ point I’d prefer to be able to change the VAT label.

Isn’t the letter part just to inform the person of the country of origin? I mean the customer already knows and so do you so who’s benefit is it?

Several countries use letters as part of the VAT ID, after the country code.

That’s somewhat irrelevant though as it is called a VAT number here in the UK (and by the HMRC too).

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