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Hi, I work as a childminder and have just taken on a new client, but she doesn’t have an email address and I can’t creat a new client profile without an email address. What should I do? My initial thought was just use one of my own or create a bogus one?

I only need the invoices for my records - she’s not interested in having them - but if the client did ever need them I would give her hard copies.

I’m not sure what validation Quickfile is looking for but if you are never going to send anything to the address then just put in whatever you like.

I have several clients with no email address though, don’t recall having to do anything other than just not put an email address in anywhere.

Thanks. Unless admin say any different, I think I’ll use a bogus email. I can always change it later if the client gets an email account.

Hi - I’ve had this scenario with a handful of my clients. My workaround is to just put, say, in the email box. This is clearly an invalid email address but it is recognised, and good enough for QF, when you are setting up new clients. Hope that helps.

I’m wondering how I have managed to set up clients without email addresses now. is a valid email address BTW.

Have just discovered that, if I choose to create a new invoice before setting up a client account, I can choose to send the invoice to a new client from there and can create a basic account, without the need for adding any contact info at all :0)

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It’s not essential to provide an email address when creating a client, however if you fill out any of the following fields in this section (e.g. phone numbers) it will require you to complete the remaining fields. Leave them all blank and it should be fine.

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