Clients statements

Can I check why the statements do not include unallocated receipts ( from the client ) in the balance . it looks like you are intentionally giving the client the wrong information

screen shot attached should be outstanding balance of £57.60 yet shows £176.40 sshot28102020

Hi @ANFlatley

The prepayments won’t necessarily be for the outstanding invoices.

In some cases, users take a prepayment (e.g. a deposit) which is held on the client’s account, but this would be for a specific job. So when an invoice is raised for something else, you wouldn’t want this reduced because of the held prepayment.

If the prepayment is for something outstanding, it would be best to reduce the balance by paying the outstanding invoices using the prepayment.

Hope that helps.

Thanks and I understand but is this something that can be changed in settings ?

Hi @ANFlatley,

No, not at the moment but I believe that the client statements are being looked at and being rebuilt in the near future.

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