Clients tab on main navigation bar?


Would it be possible to add the ‘Clients’ page to the top-level tabs? I feel it’s at least as important as ‘Sales’ and ‘Purchases’ - since adopting QuickFile, I’ve found myself hovering over ‘Sales’ to find ‘View clients’ a lot.

(As an aside, it would be nice to be able to customise the main navigation bar - but I’m sure that’s not high up on your roadmap, if it’s there at all).


Sorry we missed this one. If we add clients there’s a strong case for adding suppliers as well and I feel the tabs will end up a little bit top heavy. I agree that clients should always be easily accessible… right now from the dashboard they are one click away in the left hand menu.

We are currently developing a multi-user platform and the ability to customise CSS is something that we may will introduced when we iterate this product. We didn’t consider customising the menu but I suppose it’s possible, although it’s not likely to be something we will build into the core product.

No problem.

Fair enough - I thought that the functionality may have been there (but not immediately accessible) because the client area banner customisation is possible.