Closing my account

Need to close our account as we have set up a new one.

The knowledgebase answer is below but I cannot find the Clear All Data Section

Can anyone help?


How do I Clear my Account?
Deleting purchases, sales, suppliers and customers
Permanently deleting your Quick File account.
Quick File has a built in Account Clearing tool that enables you to roll-back the account to the state when the account was originally opened. You can find this tool in the Account Settings area under the option ‘Clear all data in your account’. The account clearing screen looks like this.

Account Settings > All Settings > Clear all data in your account (9th option down).

Hi Lurch

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the 9th option down on my list is ‘weekly/monthly backups’ with no ‘clear all data’ option available. I guess it may be in the way we have the account set up but can’t find anything obvious.

can anyone help?


You need to be logged in as the main administrator to wipe/close an account. That may be the problem here.

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