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CLP amounts are not properly processed to STRIPE


There is a bug in CLP processing. This invoice goes to stripe as millions:

Stripe receives this: https://www.screencast.com/t/gP5xutsjB

Bug closed not solved

Hello @hostelsystem

The value is sent in the “pence” value rather than the “pound”. I appreciate this invoice isn’t GBP, but the same concept would apply.

  • An invoice for £45.89 would be sent as 4589p.
  • An invoice for €1946.25 would be sent as 194625c
  • An invoice for £12.00 would be sent as 1200p
    And so on.

Based on this, can you confirm that the value on the invoice matches what Stripe has received please?


Yes, based on this it seems to match. Does it mean that there is no bug in API: https://www.screencast.com/t/gP5xutsjB ?

Because stripe doesn’t see it in pence but in pounds thus adds 2 zeros.


Let me double check this with our development team and I’ll come back to you shortly.


Let me know pleas. Thanks.


Of course - as soon as I have an update I’ll post it here. The forum should automatically email you.

Bug closed not solved

I was wondering if there is any news in this topic?


Hi @hostelsystem

I’ve just checked this with our development team, who have confirmed that this is being looked into now.

As promised, as soon as we have an update, we’ll let you know here.


@hostelsystem - Apologies for the delay. We have released a fix for this. Would you mind trying and confirming please?


Hello, thanks. The transaction is processed in the correct amount but the confirmation email is wrong.
Example, transaction ID: ch_1CrBwZ2RAUpfC6IP4TBNuIvk was for 270 CLP
Email confirmation was for 2.7 CLP: https://www.screencast.com/t/0aYk9ZzvQ
Can you have a look please? Thanks. MS


I’m glad to hear the transaction is being processed correctly. I will refer this message to our team to get this updated.


Hello, please let me know if there is any progress. Thank you.


There’s nothing to share at the moment, but I’ll let you know once our team has had a look at this.


May I know why it was automatically closed: CLP amounts are not properly processed to STRIPE the issue is not solved. The feature is not usable if the email doesn’t send the correct amount and the system doesn’t show the correct amount: https://www.screencast.com/t/0aYk9ZzvQ


@hostelsystem - apologies that this topic was closed. They are automatically closed after so many days (in this case, I can see it was 4 days after being marked as solved originally).

Let me check on this for you as I believe this was fixed.

Apologies for this, I have asked a developer to investigate further. It is showing as fixed on our end, but hopefully they can advise what’s going on here.


Hello, any news on that? Thanks.


Hi @hostelsystem

As always, as soon as we have any updates, I’ll be sure to let you know here.


@hostelsystem - would you mind taking a look now please and letting me know if that’s better?