Co-op CSV upload mixing credits and debits

Recentley Quickfile has started failing to distinguish. Between credits and debits when importing CSV bank statements from the Co-op bank . Tried to contact Quickfile (They don’t seem to have any customer support) so I hope one of quickfile customers on this forum or a member of quickfile staff can provide a solution

Hi @Hightide

The forum is the primary method of support as both us and our community can help - so you’re in the right place :slight_smile:

What option are you using when uploading the bank statement? For example, do you select “Co-op” or “Other”?

Hi Mathew.
Do you work for quickfile? Am i in touch with a quickfile employee.
Kind Regards

Hi @Hightide,

Anyone that works for QuickFile will have the logo next to their photo and it also shows “Support Team” after their name:


Great. Thanks I will await some advice and support . Not too long I hope. Don’t know why this would happen after using Quickfile without any problems for a number of years.

Hi @Hightide

If you could come back to me regarding the options you use when uploading your statement (see my previous post above), then we’ll certainly try our best to assist you further.

Hi Mathew.

In the Quickfile bank account statement window I select options, a drop menu gives me several options



Upload statement

View Recent Batch Uploads


From this menu I select Upload statement as usual

I’m taken to the Bank upload data window.

From the please select your Bank drop down options I select Co-Operative bank as usual

I press the chose file button as usual

From the choose file window I select the recently downloaded excel file from our Co-op banking page.

I select up load.

If there are overlaps I select skip conflict as usual and tick the take this action for other conflicts check box as usual

I then go to the bank accounts Statement window to discover that outgoings from the bank statement have been placed in the money in column in green (Not as usual)

I’ve been using sketch Up with no problems for about 7 years now.

I hope you can provide a solution.

What does sketch up have to do with quickfile? I’m confused.

Anyway if you select “other” from the list instead of co op and upload the statement you can manually assign the correct debit and credit columns which should fix your issue.

Hi Paul. Sorry I meant Quick File.

I’ve been Sketch Uping all day.

I will try this and see if it helps.

Weird that it has happened suddenly after 7 years

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Sometimes banks change their formatting of the statements and it can cause an issue. Not sure if that’s the case here but can be an explanation.

Hi I use Coop too and have complained to them over and over I got a phone call and was told they would look into it but they did and do nothing, even complained a 2nd time

But I have found a work round and have been using it for about a year now

when you upload a bank statement QF gives the list of Banks choose " other "
then choose your file and upload as normal
It then comes up with a box showing an extract of your CSV file
in the title row where it says " description " adjust the drop down box to Column 4

then it works as as it should and doesnt mess up not ideal I know but its the Coop bank that messed this up not quickfile

QuickFile only has one format registered for each bank - if co-op have changed their CSV format for all customers at the same time then QuickFile could change their definition for the “co-op” CSV type, but if the bank is using one format for some customers and a different format for others then one or other group will have to use the “other” mapping until such time as the bank finishes the transition.

We will be rolling out an update shortly to adapt to the new format CSV file.

However, what puzzles me is this:

I’m not sure why this has only happened recently? @Hightide - has the format of your CSV file only updated recently?

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