Co-op upload problems - can you clarify how it works?

Hi, when I upload a statement using the Co-op option, it is sucessfull, but the figures are all wrong. Presumably it has the columns synced up differently to my CSV file??

I was wondering if you can tell me, or show me an example co-op statement from which you base your import system? That way I can make sure mine are in the correct order.

Looking at other posts with regards to Co-op issues, it seems to stem from the fact there are a few options to get infromation from Co-op and they differ n format - it’s quite confusing as to exactly what a statement is.

To clarify, and to help other Co-Op users:
The ‘statements’ option allows you to save as a series of text files, not one CSV for a date range.
A few months of ‘statements’ gives you multiple text files.

You can download CSV files but this is an option under balance information, as a ‘report’ not a ‘statement’. They are in effect a statement, but it’s confusing to users because ethey are not called so - you can simply view account activity by a date range and then have an option to print a ‘report’ as a PDF, CSV etc. This gives you one file 1 upload (but I find the figure get pulled incorrectly).

Ultimately, as co-op’s online business banking isn’t the best, this has always made it very consfusing. If you could clarify exactly which file format and how it pulls the data into quickfile, that would extremely helpful.


Our forumula for reading Co-Op statements is based on the following CSV output:

The columns highlighted are the one’s we’re interested in everything else is ignored.

Is what you’re getting similar to this?

Hi Glenn, thanks for this, very useful.

So, I have gone through the options and if you create a report from the ‘transactions’ section, it saves the CSV in the correct format (as in your screen grab). So it’s great to get to the bottom of that.

The next issue I have, is that when using the upload feature, it doesn’t pull in the majority of Credits into the account, so it shows my balance is well into negative figures - any ideas why that is happening??

many thanks.

Without seeing the CSV it’s difficult to say. Would you be able to PM me a copy of that CSV file and I will take a look, thanks!

yeah, sure, will send it now. Thanks

OK the Coop statement issue was already known to us (reported by another user) and we’re working on a fix.

The credits get skipped as Coop don’t provide a description in the column where we normally look, you will see this if you open the statement in Excel. I have no idea why they leave the description blank but we just assume it’s not a transaction rather some other fluff that banks like to include, like page breaks (why does a CSV need page breaks??).

Anyway we will get this patched up and released in the next few days. In the mean time would you like me to import those missing entries into your account?

Hi Glenn, thanks for clearing that up, if you have a quickway to import them in, then that would be great (I realise there is quite a few in there!). If it’s going to be a long whinded process for you, I’ll happily wait for the patch.

Thanks, for your help.

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