Collaboration with clients - unsupported purchases

Bank tagging allows for the creation of purchase on fly with codificaton of the expense which is great from a bookkeeping point of view. This does, however, create ‘purchases’ for which there is no receipt/bill for HMRC purposes and are therefore potentially disallowable for both tax and vat purposes. Can get a list of these transactions from the purchase module by individually tagging all the ones with question marks after them,. Be great if there was a simple report that could be run off for a given date range, to send to the client providing a list of transactions that they need to supply source documents for.

We could then do with a means to remove/alter the tag from the transaction that indicates it was generated from bank tagging for each of the source documents subsequently supplied. Attaching scanned copies is a long process for accounts with many transactions and would not remove the question mark in the listing.

I understand the purist argument that the transaction should not have been entered unless it is covered by a receipt/bill. People are increasingly casual about such things due to email transactions esp. paypal.

You can view the documents without a document attached to them by doing an advanced search:

If you then tick the very top box circled in red, and click ‘More Options’, you can then export to a CSV list

Does that help?

Thats good to know. I hadn’t noticed the with or without receipt scans option and that would work where there is a business rule requiring receipts to be attached to all purchases. I’m thinking of a different scenerio though where the receipt is simply cross-referenced to a document in something like a google drive. I do find uploading and attaching receipts to each transaction to increase the transaction overhead per entry on the bookkeeping side depending on the quality of your internet connection. Just a thought.

There isn’t a Google Drive integration at the moment, but there is a drop box integration for receipts - would this be suitable?

I’m familiar with the dropbox integration. Where the online document is stored is not the issue. I was wondering whether it would be possible to have the means of changing the bank tagged transcation flag to one that indicates that a receipt has been supplied even if it has not been attached.

There isn’t any functionality for that at the moment, but maybe the project tags could help with that? It would just be a matter of seeing which invoices do not have the tag and go from there?