Collect one-off payments using a GoCardless Pre-authorisation


I see that it’s possible to collect payments for recurring invoices via a GoCardless authorisation, which is brilliant.

Is the same possible for one-off (single) invoices? I would like to enable the automatic collection of funds from a new invoice, against a customer’s authorisation. I can debit an amount manually from the GoCardless dashboard, but not for accounts where the authorisation is managed by the third party (QuickFile). I see no option in the single invoice screen.



You can already allow users to pay a single invoice using GoCardless although this doesn’t utilise any pre-authorisation and requires the user to enter their bank details each time.

You can collect a generic amount using a pre-authorisation directly from the client details screen. First click the direct debit found box:

Click the green collect funds button and you should see something like this where you can make a one-off request.

Once the payment has cleared it will appear as a client credit, you can then attach that credit to an invoice.

Hope that helps!

Ah, I’d completely missed that - thanks @Glenn!

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