Collision detection / multiple editors

Hello @Glenn,

We are trying to move our team over to logging their time with clients in new lines for draft invoices on particular projects.

However, we’re running into some issues with lines being overwritten when multiple users edit an invoice at the same time.

Is there any way to either prevent this overwriting from multiple editors - or to provide some kind of collision to show users when someone else is editing the invoice, and therefore should not make changes?

Leyton Reed

We can’t really officially support having multiple users working on the system simultaneously, it’s a logistical nightmare!

In the instance you mentioned, every single invoice save would double the load on the database making the required comparisons line by line. This is not currently an acceptable trade-off given the tiny minority of users who would be working in this way.

Instead I would possibly look at having users create their own invoices to log their time to.