Column Header Sorting - Confused?!

I’m trying to pay my suppliers for the first time.
I am in the Purchase Management screen, and I want to sort all outstanding invoices by the receipt date… however, I am finding that my records are not being sorted perfectly by date order…

Indeed, most of them are in the correct order, but a few are out of order, and i’m wondering if the app is sorting on the DB on a field other than the actual receipt date shown on the screen…

Any ideas?

I couldn’t replicate this precise problem, I checked both receipt date ascending and descending but they all appeared in order. Do you have any example of purchase invoice numbers that appeared out of order?

Bizarrely this issue has sorted itself out today. I’m using a mac today on Chrome, whereas yesterday I was using a pc, so I’ll double check on that machine later.

That wouldn’t make any difference. Although I did accidentally read the due date column rather than the receipt date column at one point, which made me believe I had replicated this. I think there’s a good chance you did the same.