Combine few small purchases in one

Can I combine small purchases like purchase of printing paper or packing tapes bought on Ebay into on purchase?
If it is possible how to create it(Supplier Reference, Supplier Name?)?

A supplier account doesn’t have to be for a real person or organisation. Just create one with a name like “Sundry Purchases” or “Small Items from Ebay”.


Like the other respondent, I do this all the time. For example I have a Supplier named “Overseas Travel” where all my hotel expenses are entered. I combine all small bills into a single transaction in QuickFile. For large bills such as an extended hotel stay, I will make a single transaction out of it - but it still gets filed under my ‘Overseas Travel’ supplier.

The paperwork is all the proof I need that the transactions took place should there be any investigation. You can take a photo of these and store them in QuickFile’s receipt repository to save you having to store hard copies.

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