Community interest companies

Can your year end service prepare accounts for community interest companies limited by guarantee? These companies require paper accounts filed with Companies House along with a report for the CIC regulator.

I’m afraid currently we do not provide any year-end accounting services for CIC companies.

I’ll leave this thread open, perhaps other accountants using Quick File may be able to assist. You can also use our Find an Accountant directory here.

Accounts for CICs are the same as for a other companies, only we would have to print the accounts and post them to CH along with the CIC report (I would expect the company to prepare this itself) rather than submit them electronically.

On a related subject, do you prepare accounts for companies limited by guarantee (other than CICs)?

Sorry for the delay in getting back, I wanted to run a few questions by our accounting department. It may be possible to provide a bespoke service, basically it’s not something that would be covered by our standard set of year-end services.

I have asked my colleague (Joseph) to prepare a proposal for you (no-obligations of course), you can discuss any queries you may have with Joseph. You should receive a link to the proposal later today.

Hi, we are looking to open an account here with a CIC. I assume that we create it as a Ltd?

Yes, I’ve used QF with a CIC no problem.

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