Connecting to Capsule CRM

Hi Glenn

Is it possible for QF to connect to CRM , especially this one:


Kind regards

There is already an active thread here for CRM. You may want to add your vote over there.

We are now beta testing our integration with Zapier. This should allow you to automatically sync your clients and contacts with Capsule CRM.

If you’re interested in setting this up please reply here or send me a private message on the forum and I will provide further instructions.

Hi Glen,
Please can you let me know how I can go about this intergration, we use Capsule and so far its been quite a task to move data from quickfile to Capsule with out making mistakes.

Well with Zapier you can now set a trigger on QuickFile so that whenever a client is added, the details are sent to Zapier. Zapier can then relay this to any one of 100s of potential apps, including Capsule.

To get started you’ll need a Zapier account, for this I will need to send you an invite first. I will send you a private message on this forum to discuss further.

Hi Glenn, I would like to try linking my Quickfile with Capsule. Please send me an invite.

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Hi @Melonline

QuickFile is available for all Zapiers users now. There’s more details on this here:

Please let us know if you need any help