Connecting Yodlee to Lloyds

Hi, I’m trying to connect Yodlee to my Llyods business account. It lets me put in all my information, then it loads another screen saying it needs a passcode, with a little timer button underneath it. It doesn’t explain what this passcode is, where to find it, or anything else. I’m sure I don’t have have passcodes for my bank. Everything I tried just led me back to the error screen. Please Help!


Hi Sofia,

When you normally log into Lloyds online banking, do you use a small hand held pin sentry device to create a passcode? Or do you log in with a password and memorable word?

Yodlee support both methods but it’s important to pick the right one when setting up.

Thank you that solves it. I had selected that method for logging on but it had no instructions asking to use the pin. I changed to memorable information instead and it worked. Thanks again.

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That’s great, thanks for letting us know.

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