Consent from HMRC is granted for a maximum

Hi. When I respond to the email about the HMRC Quickfile connection expiring, it takes me to the page where the connection is shown as good. There is nowhere to extend for a further 18 months. Going online to HMRC VAT shows my agent (my accountant) but does not show any reference to Quickfile. However, at present, everything works but I am concerned that it may suddenly stop working on 7 April when the consent expires. Should I be worried?

Hello @smorlans

He should be able to just extend it from the HMRC page.

If you are unable to do so, I would recommend speaking to HMRC

The problem seems to have been solved by reconnecting in Quickfile which produces a new entry which is then confirmed on the HMRC site. VAT is connected to the new entry and it seems to work. I am not brave enough to delete the old entry yet.

You must delete the old entry before the new one will work - QuickFile doesn’t play nicely when there’s more than one connection active on the same account.

Thanks Ian. First one disconnected and all looks good

thanks for the awesome information.

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