Construction Industry Scheme accounting

Hi, Ive read the posts about CIS and whilst I have followed the suggestions this only deals with CIS deductions on sales invoices. Is there a workaround for the CIS deductions taken from a suppliers labour portion of an invoice?

I’m afraid we do not currently support CIS where you are both a contractor and sub-contractor, unfortunately we will be unable to provide a workaround in this situation, as the information that will be provided, will not be sufficient to complete the monthly CIS returns and may cause future issues with HMRC, should an enquiry be made.

Is this something you will be looking at developing as it is a standard situation in the construction market, i.e being a contractor and a subcontractor?

CIS is an area that we’d like to look at in the future although I’m afraid it’s not likely to happen in the near future, due to being heavily committed in other areas. We will update this thread if there are any developments, sorry to disappoint on this one.