Continuing the discussion from [Starling Recent Events]

Continuing the discussion from Starling Recent Events

What is this supposed to show? I noticed it pop up with an event on 02/06 but nothing since even though there have been half a dozen or so transactions.

Hi @Lurch

You should see something along the lines of:

Starling Feed: 1 new transactions have been retrieved, 0 updated for ‘Starling Bank’

This only happens for the overnight feed however. Anything that comes in from a webhook (which is pretty much anything that’s not a card transaction) will appear straight away on the account.

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Ah, I see. I think most transactions must be via webhook then. Can the log not see the webhook actions? I guess this might be semantics over the feed and the webhook but I was expecting all transactions added to the account to be seen in the recent events.

We could look at adding these to the logs, although I would imagine with some users this would fill up pretty quick.

Generally the webhook is received within seconds of the notification sent to your phone. The card transactions are a bit different because they clear without any notifications, which is why they’re picked up on the nightly feed.

This happens on all other feeds anyway though?

I don’t have the app or access to the bank so my entire interaction with the banking is via Quickfile, hence why I use the recent events as an indicator of what has happened since I last logged in. It’s the way I used the previous Barclays accounts, although I did have access I never used to log into those very often.

With the other feeds, you get the details of what that feed has done (e.g. created x transactions).

With the Starling webhooks, it’s a little different because they’re live. We could look at the feasibility of adding a count of the transactions daily, if that would help? It would be subject to feasibility etc., but I can start the discussion.

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I would appreciate it if this could be added so yes please.