Contractor CIS deductions for a sub-contractor

I am following the CIS for Contractors instructions (just playing about learning how to do it) and have set up the CIS deductions bank account. I entered a purchase order for the subcontractor, but when i come to the ‘paying the invoice’ - i pay in full but do not get the £400 payment appearing on the current account and my CIS deductions account does not look like the instructions - i just get £500 in the CIS account! Im obviously doing something wrong!!
Where does the CIS get split into owed to HMRC (£100) and owed to supplier (£400)??
Help appreciated.

If you record £400 payment on purchase invoice using main current account to supplier and £100 using CIS deduction bank account, it will clear the invoice , show 400 from main bank and 100 credit in cis deduction account which represents 100 due to HMRC. Now assuming you dont have any CIs to reclaim (offset) you can record inter bank transfer from main to CIS deduction 100 as payment to HMRC

Thank you. So the software doesn’t help work out the CIS for you ? Just worried our errors in calculations!

Hi @JodieC

QuickFile doesn’t have any built-in calculations for CIS deductions, but our guide in the knowledgebase does provide a method of working with this within your account. It sounds like you’ve found this guide already, which is great. Hopefully what @FaradayKeynes has mentioned above has helped clear this up for you, but please do let us know if you need any further help :slight_smile:

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